It is common knowledge that an army that charges into battle, no matter how enthusiastic and eager, will have very unsatisfactory results if its defense capacity is weak or even non-existent. It is very impressive to launch bombs, rockets and other heavy artillery against your enemy, but can you defend yourself if your adversary were to do same?

A war strategy without a well-planned defense system is doomed to fail or at least will spring some very unpleasant surprises. That is why the attack on the World Trade Center was such a huge surprise to the world. It exposed a crack in the defense armor of a giant.

In Ephesians chapter 6, the Bible presents the Christian’s spiritual armor against our adversary the devil. Apart from the offensive weapon which is the sword, we are taught to put on our defensive weapons:

the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, the breastplate of righteousness and the belt of truth. The shoes can be both offensive and defensive. Many Christians today are contented with spitting fire against the devil, pulling down strongholds and breaking barriers. They deal the devil many a great blow but forget to defend themselves against any counter attack. They can give a hundred blows but when one comes they are as vulnerable as  worms.

They have no faith as shield, no righteousness as breastplate; their pants are falling off exposing their nakedness because they do not have truth as a belt around their waist. Even when they are saved, they still doubt it. When you doubt your salvation, you will not be able to claim the benefits thereof. Such Christians can preach out their lungs, they fast a good deal and pray also but cannot understand why every stray bullet from the devil’s camp always seems to hit them.

We are not to sheepishly hide in a corner with our defense armor on waiting for the devil to pound on us. We are to go into the camp of the enemy and possess his gates (Genesis 27: 17 b). But as  we charge into battle we would do well to verfy our defensive armor. 

Have you been attacking of of late? How defensive is your offensive? 



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