I may not see as the eye will do
I may be unable to hear as the ear does so well
I can’t touch and feel like you the hand
But I can speak because I am a mouth.

O brain, you do so great a job
Thinking and planning and scheduling it right
I thank you for playing your part so well
But I am the mouth and I can speak.

Did you see that foot that just hurried by
Leaping and skipping to save a soul
When he gets to destination he’ll turn and say
You are the mouth, you should speak.

So the Lord had ordained it so
That none should think they’re self-sufficient
But as a body full and complete
We will work until He takes us home.

Comments on: "I AM A MOUTH" (4)

  1. I love the way you put the wisdom of I Corinthians 12:12 in your poem. Blessings on your day.


  2. bjsscribbles said:

    Thank you for finding my blog and commenting. I would like to follow yours as healing in Gods power is something I believe in. I go to healing meetings and have learned a lot from them.


    • Thank you for commenting. I do believe in miracles and especially the miracle of physical and emotional healing. I am a testimony to that end. A few years ago I was diagnosed of an incurable disease. the only reason I’m alive today is God. Even my pastors gave up on me, but God has sustained me till now. I grew up sexually, physically and emotionally abused. I used to be a very bitter and angry person. God has also healed those emotional wounds.



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