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Lord Jesus, I come to you today

Just like a child

Thirsting and hungering for your love

I roamed the world in a desperate search

For love, for hope and something to smile about

I did find some but so shallow and ephemeral it was

And then I came away thirsting and hungering again.

Lord, I lay aside my pride and all

I push away my own self-wisdom

crawl back to you like a baby thirsty for its mother’s milk

Sweet Jesus, take me in your arms.

Let me feel love like I never did before

Let me hope like I never dreamed of before

Because in your gentle arms is love, pure and sure.

I thank you because you never bar the door

Even to a prodigal coming back home for solace.

Comments on: "LIKE A CHILD" (3)

  1. Reminds me of the woman at the well who had 5 husbands, and the one she was with was not her husbands. She was looking for love in all the wrong places, like me, and she was not filled until she met the Man who had living water … I am pretty well satisfied but there are times I am looking toward the old well 😦 which makes me mizzable … 😦


    • Yes, we do go experience those things some times. And every day we need to be reminded of God’s unfailing love to us. What a joy to know that He is so faithful, even when our eyes wander away from Him at times.



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