Say God sends His prophet to marry a whore…why will God ever do such a dumb thing?

God wants to send home a message to His people and that message is that He loves them; that it hurts to love and not be loved in turn. To love someone and they are unfaithful to you is really painful.

The message of love (grace) is more important than upholding the law here.

So God sends His prophet to go get a taste of unrequited love and rejection.

God makes us a message so that we can speak the message with first hand experiential knowledge.

There is something about preaching your message, your own experience.

Prophet Hosea should be stoned for calling himself a prophet of God, yet playing around with a harlot. That is my own judgment on the matter. I’m a human being.

No! He won’t get a death sentence. His is an instruction directly from the throne room and grace from that same throne covers him. There is no telling what could happen to you if you try to get for yourself your own harlot.

We can imitate people’s actions but not the grace of God upon their lives.

  • He slept with a lady, killed her man and married her (David). He is the man after God’s heart.
  • He killed an Egyptian and fled into the desert (Moses). He is the great prophet and leader of Israel.
  • He ruthlessly and heartlessly persecuted and killed Christian (Saul of Tarsus). He is one of the most impactful people in history.

So what is this God up to?

It was never by qualification or self-righteousness. Our own righteousness is but like filthy rags in His eyes (Isaiah 64:6).



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