Days I kick out of bed

Full of energy and some more to spare

Days I retreat into my sheets

Wishing I were never born at all

Days I give out smiles and ask to give

Days I need a smile and ask for more

Days I stare forlorn into the distance

Wishing for a sign to cling to

Days I look into the future

With lots of hope and dreams to hold

Days come and days go

Hopes deferred and Hopes fulfilled

Life goes on and I stay on

What the end will be I know not

But I trust He knows, and for that I rest.

Comments on: "Days" (6)

  1. Thank you for sharing this because some days are just more difficult than others. Sometimes, we have to remember 2 Corin. 5:7 so that we can keep walking…


    • You are right. I have come to realize that there is no level of maturity you reach that will exempt you from having slow or low days some times. But the trick is to always get up and keep going. As you said faith is the way ahead when every other thing seems contrary. Thanks for sharing your experience in this area.



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