I have come to believe that being single is not a problem. It is the way the society sees and interprets it that creates a problem that should not normally exist.

Why is that preacher talking as though to be single at a certain age is a curse?

Why is pastor hurriedly trying to clip people together so that they don’t remain single?

While we celebrate marriage, because God ordained it (Genesis 2:22), and because it is honorable, we must not always try to get a reason as to why so and so is not getting married.

While we strive to help people get life partners, we shouldn’t make others feel they are abnormal because they aren’t there yet; or never will be. Let’s celebrate singleness too, with Apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 7:7-8).

Help the singles valorize their singleness; don’t push them to a position where their single and most important dream is to get married.

Unmarried people are not societal misfits, no matter the reason for their singleness. The blessing of the Lord is upon them too.

Give them the respect they are due.


Comments on: "What’s wrong with being single?" (2)

  1. It always shocks me about how society makes people feel bad for not being one of the sheep. With things like Facebook and other social web sites. You see “married” people behaving as if they are single. Being in a single and true to yourself is better than a false version of yourself in a loveless relationship. A relationship is not on a dead line. It should happen when its suppose to and not rushed into. If you are happy being single, there is nothing wrong with that.

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    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Your view reflects my reason for writing this post in the first place. Happiness is not got from a particular life style and no one should ever be stigmatized because of the lifestyle they choose, especially if they aren’t hurting anyone. Moreover, I also support the fact that people should be committed to the relationships they engage in, else stay single.

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