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If I’m sharing this, it’s not because I’ve crossed the finished line and can now turn around and mentor those who are still behind. I still have my own struggles in this area; but as I learn, I share to bless others.

What does it mean to live the crucified life?

  • Putting God first in everything I do. Not seeking my own pleasure first, but seeking to please Him first.
  • Always seeking to know what He desires and wants me to do in each situation.
  • Willingness to suffer rejection, humiliation, persecution and pain for His sake.
  • The willingness to accept His will even at my own inconvenience.
  • Acceptance that my own wishes, desires, will and pleasure are valid only if He validates them.
  • Refusal to take the glory for any victory won, but giving all the glory to Him.
  • The ability to say “Thy will be done”, from the very bottom of my heart.

Folks, this is the hardest part of Christianity and those who have attained to it receive of His spirit without measure.

May the Lord Himself help us to attain to such full stature so that we can indeed be His ambassadors on the earth.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I am reminded of Romans 12:2, we are transformed through the renewing of our minds. I am just so thankful He never leaves us where we are. Even when we make the “foolish” choices, He promises to not leave us or abandon us. In fact, He said ALL things will work together for our good, because we love Him and we are called according to His purpose. Now that is grace.

    I enjoy reading your post and I glean from your words. Thank you.


    • Thank you. I’m glad you found it a blessing to you. You are right, all things work out for our good. I’m sharing this because of some of the hard things that are now working out for my good. Sometimes the best lessons are learned in the wilderness.


  2. Thanks for this post Gretiana … I wanted to weigh in too.

    You wrote, “Not seeking my own pleasure first, but seeking to please Him first” … I encourage you to consider believing that God has the ability to fix every problems and that He shares your every experience with you? If that’s true would He want you to willingly suffer rejection, humiliation, persecution and pain for Him? What parent would want that for their child?

    What if it’s God’s will that you seek your own pleasure because it brings Him Pleasure too! “Always seeking to know what He desires and wants me to do in each situation” … God has no desires because he has everything already, He puts you here to discover your desires and pursue them; He gets to share that experience along with you. Perhaps God is asking that you validate all your wishes, desires, will and pleasures as gifts from Him to you? What if God’s Will was never an inconvenience and it made Him happy to share his glory with you for every victory won?

    I know you live by the rule “Thy will be done”, from the very bottom of your heart. What if everything you did brought Him glory? I encourage you to know and acknowledge that it does; every step of your climb brings you closer and closer to Him. Not because He’s reaching out to you, but that you’re reaching Him, changing to acknowledge His Perfection in everything. He’s always there and there’s no variation of His light, “No turning of the shadow”. Our only darkness is in our lack of perception, but keep on asking, “keep on seeking and you will find” … more and more answers await your discovery on your spiritual quests within in The Healing Arena. ~ Peace


    • Thank you for your comment. what really prompted this post is my personal realization that I’m not always in His perfect will concerning all my choices and desires. I do my best but some times my flesh gets the upper hand and I trust only God to bring me home to what He really wants.
      Very often I’ve taken a decision thinking it was the best only to find i fell short…Well I’m still growing and I’m learning to get it right always.
      I’ve learned a lot too from your comment.

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  3. Reblogged this on marthamilton14 and commented:

    A must read


  4. Guess we’re helping each other and Pleasing our Father by spreading his word and helping others through our faith. Loved this and I am subscribing to your blog and hope we can continue to grow in our relationship with Christ.

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