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Why are you thinking the way you are thinking now?

Why are you acting like that now?

Why did you just take that strange decision which is very unlike yourself?

  • You think God’s attitude towards you has changed because of some short-coming in you or a mistake you made.
  • or you think you are unworthy of love and appreciation because you’re too far down the drain.
  • The situation at hand looks so overwhelming that you’ve stopped seeing the “Almightiness” of God and are seeing the “almightiness” of your stuff instead.
  • Some devil is whispering some nasty stuff into your ear and you’re beginning to believe it.
  • Some nay-sayer is speaking negativism into your mind and it’s taking its toll on you.
  • You’ve seen another person perish because of the same situation and you don’t see how you’re going to escape it yourself.
  • You happen to believe you’re the only person going through such a crisis. You feel very exceptionally unfortunate.
  • You want God to see how unfair He’s been to you. You want to draw His attention to your plight.

Well, some of these reasons look very appealing but none of these will get you any positive result.

Do you know what God did when He saw Elijah in that kind of a sulk? He gave him food to eat and then sent him on yet another mission.

Rather than sit there and sulk, ask of Him the strength to carry on.

Just manage to go out there and be good to someone, even if you need it more, even if they don’t deserve it.

He won’t even allow you to die if He decides that He still needs you on planet earth.

Cheer up. It’s not over yet.

Comments on: "What’s that voice in your head?" (7)


    Love it!! Blessings, Emma

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  2. […] More of it can be found at: https://thehealingarena.wordpress.com/2015/08/02/whats-that-voice-in-your-head/ […]

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    • Thank you for he link. Let’s get the word out. Depression and suicide can bow if people learn to discern and
      follow the “still small voice”.


  3. Watch for my blog post titled “Voices” on the 20th of August. It will be what you inspired me to write as a result of reading this posting of yours. Since it is a “work in process” atm my comment here, today will not be an attempt of any sort to reflect it.
    You reminded me of a special “situational activity” I participated in a few years back. Suffice it say, for now, that motivational speakers are very popular and in demand but in all actuality we followers of Christ Jesus do not really need them for we have the best Person in the whole world nearby saying, “My child, I know all about it, I still love you, and I want you to keep trusting Me because, together, we are not only going to get through this but you are going to be ‘more than a conqueror’; I still have a special task that I have equipped you for, not someone else, but you.”
    Our problem, well my problem, is that too often I can’t quite hear Him but I know, from experience, that He is patiently calling my name…He’s calling your name.

    -Pastor Ward Clinton


    • Hello Pastor, I’m glad you found this post useful. It’s inspired by my own struggles with negative voices, sometimes from my past experiences and at other times from demonic manipulations or just what I hear around me.
      I’ve come a long way, and I’m still on the move. I’ll watch out for your post.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m delighted.


    • I did read the post “voices”. It’s awesome. It’s just the kind of thing I battled with for years.
      The voices were many,varied and very impressive. I almost committed suicide for no good reason.
      I almost gave up on life because of the things I heard in my head.
      I’m so grateful to God because He never leaves us unaided. He always arrives right on time.
      Today I can confess and stand on His promises and every other voice will bow and get out of the way.

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