To hold on or to let go?

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Life is made of seasons. Some seasons require that we let go while other seasons need a holding on.

If you hold on when you are supposed to let go, you are in trouble; and if you let go when you are expected to keep holding on, you are in as much trouble.

Now you ask me, when do I know it’s time to hold on or to let go? Good question.

For this we need discernment. Ask of God and He will give you of this spirit abundantly and free of charge.

In addition to this we need wisdom; not the wisdom of this world that comes to nothing but divine wisdom that leads to sure victory. “Is it wise for me to hold on or to let go in this situation?”

Furthermore you need to know your bigger purpose in life. “Does letting go, or holding on, fit into the bigger purpose, vision, plan for my life?”

For all of these to work together for your good you need faith, the kind of unshakable faith that defies all odds. You must have self-confidence and the right kind of self-esteem so that you don’t get tossed from one opinion to another by public opinion.

There will be times in your life wherein the whole world (including your spouse, father, pastor, child etc) is against you. At the same time, the Spirit of God, and your deepest conviction are saying the contrary. What will you do in this case? Give in to the pressure?

There is a time to hold on and a time to let go. May you never hold on to dry branches, and may you never let go of God-given opportunities.

Discern, be wise, be purposeful, then take a stand and be ready to defend it with your faith.

To hold on or to let go?

Comments on: "To hold on or to let go?" (7)


    Absolutely love this post. It’s the hardest when your family is not in sync with God’s Word. That is why God sometimes keeps us apart. For we must understand that not one good thing will He withhold.

    Abundant blessings, Emma


    • You nailed it there. When God first started taking me away from some people I didn’t understand yet and I used to feel guilty about it. Then He took me again and again to Abraham’s story and I began to understand.
      Many people will not understand why you seem to be a little aloof when it comes to certain issues. But when God chooses His own He first takes them away from a lot of things and trains them before He could one day bring them back to be a blessing to those same people.
      That’s my experience.
      Thank you for commenting.

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  2. tracihalpin said:

    Thought provoking. Can you tell me more about discernment?


    • Discernment is a combination of factors working together to give one direction in life.
      For instance, for me to get to the lev el where I could discern God’s will for my life I had to
      -Get to know Him intimately
      -Study His word and know what He likes and what He hates
      -Ask to be filled with His Spirit so that I can get counsel and revelations from Him
      -all of this and constant fellowship with God will get us to a level where we can easily recognize His voice and know how to differentiate between His will, our will and the will of others or even the devil.
      It comes with time as we gather more and more experience and it is a learning process that ends only when we leave the earth. That is why even the most anointed servants of God still do make mistakes some times.
      I hope I did give you some helpful tips here. You are blessed. Stay blessed.

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      • tracihalpin said:

        Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that to me. Yes you gave me good tips. I’m working on it. I have trouble sometimes with temptation. Yesterday I was able to not yield to it, but to stay on my path and follow through with my intentions. That felt really good, but I don’t know if I can do it next time.
        Thanks again . I hope you’re enjoying your new position ☺
        Bless you 🙏


      • The Lord will be your strength when you are weak, for His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

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      • tracihalpin said:

        Thank you 💕💕



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