“Is she married?”


Is she married? That’s the question that follows when a woman has proven beyond every doubt that she is capable of beating a man in a particular area of specialty. If the answer is “no”, the facial expressions immediately change; some people, both men and women will immediately put a cross on whatever she’s achieved.

It’s rather unfortunate that in our world some people still believe that a single lady deserves no respect no matter how many medals, trophies or epaulettes she’s been able to get for herself. They see the woman’s greatness only as an appendix to a man in her life.

What if the greatness in me is what is actually scaring the men away? What if all the men that ever came my way end up feeling inferior and insecure because they can’t handle the greatness in me?

Should I deny who I am in order to get married? Must I denounce my talent and gifting in order to be taken to the altar?

If a man won’t accept me with my greatness then he isn’t worth a minute of my time. I want a man who can call out the greatness in me; a man who will challenge me to do even greater exploits. I don’t need some creeping thing behind me that’s always trying to pull me down with negative comments because they want me to come down to their level.

It’s better to be great and single than to be married and mediocre. What do you think?

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    Amen to that sister! I don’t judge anyone as I glorify God in my ways especially through life coaching. However, I believe that a mutual respect relationship along with loving the Godly gifts He has given each party should be stoked and not downsized.

    A relationship with the love of God and christ-like ways is one of the most successful relationships out there.

    Some people might confuse the definition of God and Christ like ways.

    Much love sis, I did respond to the email you sent me. Blessings, Emma


  2. Very good thoughts, even though I’m married. Over often found men seem to fear greatness in women, even though God built both men and women for great things and Christ have talents and gifts to all mankind. You keep being who you are. God gave me a man that celebrates and encourages my gifts. Those men are out there.

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