You do not have to accept that tag, that label, that name life has given you.

You can shake it off and get for yourself one that fits your taste and that looks like what you want to be called.

God can peel off that label for you and give you a brand new one tailored after His plan and purpose for your life.

Do not live your life behind the very label you hate. Shake it off. You deserve better than that.




Comments on: "What’s that label you carry?" (12)

  1. lynettedavis said:

    The enemy is quick to call us out of our names–starting when we’re babies hoping that we’ll never learn our try identities. He’s just being the liar that he is.


  2. Beautiful post Gretiana! I’m enjoying your blog💞💞💞💞💞


  3. tracihalpin said:

    Have mental illness


  4. tracihalpin said:

    Please tell me how to do that! Lol….I gave mental illness and it is a huge part of my life, managing it etc. So I feel like a walking label of mental illness. I hate it, and wish I was normal.


    • What does God say about you? Read His word, ask Him to give you a portrait of how He sees you. It is the world that says you are abnormal not God. the gifting, talent and purpose of God is you cannot be affected by that. find you purpose on the earth and get to work. You were born to be a blessing to someone. I’m already blessed just knowing there’s someone so brave out there who is still going on. You’ve not committed suicide, you are searching for answers; that’s proof there’s something more in you. You are loved and cherished by God and I care about you.

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      • tracihalpin said:

        You made my heart smile. You’re right, I need to put my focus on God and how he sees me, instead of walking around feeling like damaged goods. Thanks for caring! God bless you💕💕💕

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