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Have you ever had to ask yourself this question? Especially when the hell you’re going through doesn’t look like anything positive can possibly come out of there?

Before I met my narcissist partner I was all insecurity, low self-esteem, low self-confidence….and all the lows you can imagine.

In fact I really felt so bad about myself; when he came love-bombing me I thought I’ve got the lever out of hell. He made me feel like a queen. But then, the bomb fell. He showed his hidden colors.

It was like I’d been taken up Mount Everest and then let down to crash into the rocks down the valley. I was in a worse state than he met me. Then I thought “If I do what he wants, he’ll stay and be the man he used to be”. All my efforts where but in vain.

Then the therapy started. I started searching for help; what kind of man can possible do this to a woman. Then I discovered narcissism. I studied it; I dissected it and labeled its parts. And then I knew the disease I’ve been suffering from.

When the diagnosis is correct, there is hope yet for the victim.

I’ve been on the healing journey and I just want to let the world know this;

  • I’ve been healed of more than just the narcissistic abuse. Learning to get over it has helped me to build my self-confidence, self-worth and a sense of purpose and direction in life.
  • I know what I want and I’m ready to go for it. I won’t settle for less.
  • I’ve learned to take care of myself: feeding, dressing, relationships, relaxation…I really feel stronger and more confident than ever before.

He took me up Mount Everest and let me come crashing down. Once I had my back on the ground, I had no other option but to start a slow but steady climb to victory. I love the new me; I just love it here where I am.

Thank you Mr. narcissist. What you meant for evil, God has turned it for my good.

Comments on: "What good can possibly come out of this hell hole?" (5)

  1. Gretiana, This post really hit home for me. I was married to a malignant narcissist (psychopath) for a few years, and it was a total nightmare as I’m sure you can imagine. He came across as a knight in shining armor and I thought I’d found the love of my life but he was really the devil in disguise. Would I wish that experience on any one? No. That experience, however, helped me to understand narcissistic personality disorder, emotional abuse, narcissism, spiritual warfare and how it all relates to children of God, as well as important revelations about my childhood. “And we know that all things work for the good of those that love he Lord and are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28. To God be the glory!


  2. You found the positive in all of that negative hell you went through. You are on your way to your wellbeing. You are beautiful, strong and courageous! Continue your journey and love yourself every step along the way! Love and hugs.

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  3. Thank you for sharing! Loving you comes first! Glad you saw the truth! God is good!

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