If you’ve never been there, then you’re never going to really understand what is at stake in their life; so why not just pray for them and leave it at that?

Why not just hold back that comment and observe instead?

They may not be as complacent as you think.

They may be spending sleepless nights over it.

They may be in the middle of a fast because of it.

They might have begged God a hundred times to take that thing away.

Perhaps they’ve got their lessons to learn;

Perhaps it’s a thorn in their flesh they have to live with;

Perhaps their faith is being tried;

Perhaps….God alone knows why.

Do not put that label on them;

Do not make that conclusion you are about to make;

Do not judge, categorize and condemn.

Rather, ask from God the wisdom and discernment to see beyond the physical,

Then you may begin to understand what they are having to endure.



Comments on: "Lord, if it be your will take this away…" (13)

  1. How beautiful.


  2. Reblogged this on Kafé Cecelia and commented:

    Oh how I pray this will affect you too.


  3. thank you. I’ve had two spinal surgeries and in between gained about 115 pounds. That’s a person. People look at me now and think, “fat”; “lazy”; “obese”; “worthless”. They don’t know that my doctor limits me to lifting 15 pounds and walking a mile a day. They do not know that some of my medications make me gain weight and some stop me from losing it.
    I used to be beautiful. I used to be energetic and crazy physical with my daughter. Now, I’m not. And I know that every person that sees me thinks that I’m just a lazy, fat chic. I think that this is the thorn in my side; that without this fat-suit I live in, I could become vain, and certainly take my eyes off of Jesus.
    So thank you. I appreciate this post.

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    • Thank you for stopping by to read. I can understand what you’ve been through because I’ve been through some of those impossible situations myself. But our consolation comes from the fact that, when man who can’t see our hearts condemns us, God who lives in our hearts shows compassion because He knows us better.
      I wish you a health life and much blessings…


  4. bethanyk said:

    Reblogged this on NOT MY SECRET…overcoming the shame of sexual abuse and commented:

    Beautifully written!


  5. A great piece! Thanks for this post. God Bless you!



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