Thank God I’m back

Thank God I’m back on board. I’ve been away from my beautiful friends, followers and viewers that you are for over three months.

It’s not been easy at all; it’s been a combination of trials,  and triumphs, celebration and falling face down before God because of a number of challenges and unanswered questions.

But if I’m back, it is a testimony and I really want to Thank the Lord.

I’m so elated to meet you again my friends. I missed you so very badly. I come back more determined and especially more mature because God has been giving me some bones to chew.Thank you all.


Comments on: "Thank God I’m back" (6)

  1. Hi Gretiana, My memoir goes to print next month. I would like to include you in my Acknowledgements. Please let me know if this is okay with you. I’m glad you’re back!

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  2. Welcome back…now get to writing 😊😁🤗

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  3. Indeed, it is good to see you are back.

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  4. good to see you back 😉

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