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Free to be you

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Never downgrade yourself in order to be accepted in lower circles,

Keep soaring.

Those who need you will upgrade themselves to your level

Then they will join your club.

Remember, many look up to you for inspiration and leadership.

Do not disappoint them because you want to please people who have refused to grow up.

You may stoop down to bring them up,

But never stoop too low as to become one of them.

The world needs the big you, the courageous you, the brave you.

Stoop to conquer.

What are you doing here … (write your name in the space)

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Prophet Elijah had just show cased the power of God and the anointing on his life by challenging and then killing the prophets of Baal as proof of the fact that his own God, the Almighty is the only true God.

When Queen Jezebel their spiritual leader hears of it she promises to reduce Elijah to the same fate. The prophet runs for his dear life and hides himself far away from the city. He is depressed and suicidal. He wants to end it all.

What a paradoxical reaction just after the Mount Carmel demonstration of God’s power.

God comes to him and asks him a very simple but profound question;

“What are you doing here Elijah?”

Has God now changed? Has He ceased to be the same God who answers by fire?

Today this same God is asking some of us; “what are you doing here my daughter/ my son?

What are you doing in that depression, talented young lady?

What are you doing in that suicide idealization, gifted young man?

What are you doing in that sickness and infirmity, daughter of the Most High?

What are you doing in that fear and uncertainty, wise old leader?

Have you forgotten how I showed up for you in the past?

Have you forgotten how we broke protocol in the past?

What are you doing here Elijah?

We have this treasure in earthen vessels (2 Corinthians 4 verse 7)

This verse by the Apostle Paul is one of my favorites. We are created with a lot of potential inside us because our God is rich in gifts and does not hesitate to bestow them on us. We all carry treasure inside in the form of talent, gifts and the capacity for creativity and innovation.

However, we carry all of this in an earthen vessel, our physical body with its weaknesses and frailties. Our gifts and talents should not lead us to overlook the fact that we are humans. we are not to focus on our weaknesses, since with God we can overcome them and do exploits. But at the same time we should not feel embarrassed when our weaknesses manifest. we are not to  wear masks to hide them else we become unnatural, pretentious and conceited.

Feel free to talk about your weaknesses without using them as an excuse to stay mediocre, to sin or hurt people. Do not try to impress people or even God. God knows you got them (Psalms 103 verse 14). He even put some there as a check against pride and too high an opinion about yourself.

Do not parade your weaknesses as an excuse to remain little but also, do not give the impression that you are perfect. Focus on your strength but acknowledge your Achilles’s heal. Have a balanced perspective on yourself.

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