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Thank God I’m back

Thank God I’m back on board. I’ve been away from my beautiful friends, followers and viewers that you are for over three months.

It’s not been easy at all; it’s been a combination of trials,  and triumphs, celebration and falling face down before God because of a number of challenges and unanswered questions.

But if I’m back, it is a testimony and I really want to Thank the Lord.

I’m so elated to meet you again my friends. I missed you so very badly. I come back more determined and especially more mature because God has been giving me some bones to chew.Thank you all.


Thank you for making me a blogger

I look back and I see a mountain of love, a room full of care

I’m speechless…you’ve been so wonderful all year round

You may not know it, but because of you I’m called a blogger

I’m a writer because you are the reader

You amazed me with you faithfulness

Your support kept me going

I always found the strength to come back

Because I knew you were waiting

Expecting yet another post

So I found the courage to come back

Even when I had to crawl on my belly

A big thank you to all my followers, readers, friends…

You made my year and I just want to say THANK YOU..DANKE…MERCI…


When I write something, I generally have an idea that I would like others to grasp. If they construe my sentences in a way that is different from what I intend, then either I have written poorly or they have read poorly. Or both. But in either case I’m frustrated because the aim of writing (except for liars and spies) is to be understood. So the aim of reading should ordinarily be to understand what the writer wants understood. To ignore that aim is to break the golden rule of reading.


I got this from a book I’m currently reading…

This is the golden rule: ‘Do unto authors as you would have them do unto you.’ Authors want to be understood, not misunderstood. So for the reader, the golden rule of reading implies: ‘Work hard with your mind to understand what an author intended to convey.

John Piper

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