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Don’t sit there

The world celebrates success

You and I admire successful people

You and I want to succeed

No one will celebrate you for having a good reason not to succeed

No one will admire failure no matter how good the reason for that failure is.

So, let’s get rid of the excuse

The reasons for failure cannot beautify failure

Don’t sit there

Take another step

Do another thing

Even if you never get to the summit

No one will blame you

Because you died trying.

I’m still in the race; and you?


Be there for me

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If you cannot stand by me when I go through the fiery trials,

Then you are not qualified to partake of the glory

That will be mine in the future.

I need you to face the storm with me,

That will become the basis of a solid relationship with you,

Whenever we think of what we have been through together,

We will be able to face even greater storms together.

And we will celebrate our victories with relish.

Stand by me, be there for me.



I have a profound respect for people who ask to be rated. When we willingly submit to examination and grading, it could look like a little matter to those who find it easy to stand naked in the eyes of everyone and not feel vulnerable.

Whether you are asking to be rated in relation to your character, habits, performance or your looks, it takes a great deal of courage and self-confidence which you might not even be aware you possessed. The following are some of the elements I think constitute the internal chemistry of those who willingly ask for and even desire to be rated.

  1. They are courageous enough to face any negative verdict that can come from the raters.
  2. They have a positive self-image, enough to handle any kind of feedback from their audience.
  3. They have come to a place in life where they are no longer scared of what people think or say about them. They have such a powerful self-portrait that cannot be broken by people’s opinion.
  4. They are mature enough to handle criticism, whether constructive or destructive.

When you are animated by such a mind set you can’t easily be destabilized by the kind of rating you receive from your audience.

Now, what are the various kinds of reactions that are provoked in us when we subject ourselves to rating?

  1. We could become angry because the rating falls short of our expectations. You expected and ‘excellent’ but you got an ‘average’. This could be a sign that you still have much to learn and become mature. It could also be a sign of too much self-confidence. It is good to be confident, but your self-confidence should be built on a powerful foundation so that it doesn’t get easily eroded.
  2. We could develop a swollen head and begin to think ‘I beat them all. None can stand up to me’. Don’t get carried away by the “excellent” you got. It is just someone’s opinion. Celebrate your achievements but stay humble, reachable and teachable.
  3. We could become discouraged and depressed. “Well, I guess no one likes me around here. I give up’. Get for yourself an image that is independent of external views. Get to discover the intrinsic you. No amount of negative feedback can destroy your intrinsic value.
  4. We could show gratitude for the feedback we received. If it’s good, determine to do better. If it’s bad, determine to be good. Refuse to get upset with anyone. This is a mature and wise response to the rating experience. You are confident enough to handle critics and you are humble enough to acknowledge your weaknesses.When is the last time you asked someone to rate you?


The dream I carry is so big, so vast, so deep…I’m frightened by the sheer size of it.

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When I think about it I feel like giving up… “This is too much for me Lord; can’t you find someone else to do it?”

But when I think of where God took me (from the pit), When I think of how far we’ve come together, somehow I find the courage to go on.

He didn’t bring me this far just to abandon me here. He never starts a project that He doesn’t intend to finish.

It is not just my dream…it is His dream. He communicated it to me. I do not need to pay for it from my own pocket. He will sponsor His dream because it is about His Kingdom.

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I am convinced that in the end I will have reason to celebrate. Those who trust in Him shall not be put to shame.

In need of emotional healing? What are some of the signs?

When you think of the past you are full of shame, regret, anger and bitterness. You try not to think about it.

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  • You confess you have forgiven them but you just can’t get the scenes out of you mind. You keep having painful flashbacks.
  • You hurt other people consciously or unconsciously and then you cry later on, or simply regret why you did it in the first place.
  • It is unbearable for you to stand the sight of those who are going through what you have been through. They are a mirror where you see your own pain.
  • You find it difficult to be compassionate to those going through the same pain you have been through. You cannot give to others what you do not have.
  • No matter how much love and care you receive from others you complain and accuse others for not caring or for wanting to hurt you. You feel insecure and you dread being hurt again.
  • You always try to attract attention to yourself and your needs and do not care about how others might feel. You are the centre of your own world.
  • You always suspect people are out to harm you, you hardly give people the benefit of the doubt and you are always trying to defend yourself even when no one really wants to hurt you.
  • You hate making mistakes and when they do happen you do all in your power to cover them up. You are afraid to lose some more self-esteem.
  • You can go extra lengths just to gain approval and appreciation even if you have to pay a very high cost for it.
  • You find it difficult to celebrate with achievers. You’d rather mourn with losers than celebrate with winners.

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If you currently find yourself in this condition, you are in need of emotional healing. You can’t go on like that. That is not how life was meant to be for you.

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