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Make it big

Life is a chance (to do something great) and happiness is a choice you make.

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How do you know it’s time to move on?

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Life is made of seasons and the person who succeeds in life the most is the one who can tell what season it is. I’m not talking about seasons like winter or spring. I’m talking about the seasons of life.

There is a time to stay put and there is a time to move;

A time to talk and a time to be quiet;

A time to study and a time to impart into others what we have learned.

Here are some signs that could indicate it is time to move on; that’s it’s time to leave from one level, standard or location to another.

  • An unbearable discomfort in your present location.
  • You find no pleasure at all in doing the things you enjoyed doing in the past.
  • Unexplainable problems suddenly crop up between you and your boss, colleagues or entourage in general.
  • Either by chance, coincidence or by design you get exposure to knowledge that is pulling you out of your present situation.
  • You get connected to people who are operating at the level you envisage getting to next.
  • You realize you’ve got nothing more to learn in your present location. You could easily fossilize it you stay on.
  • You have this deep conviction within you that it’s time to move on.


plan A




My name is Rahab

I live on the city wall

I know everybody

And I’m well known.


My name is Rahab

I have an unusual profession

I didn’t really want to do it

But somehow I am in it.


My name is Rahab

I’ve messed up my life I know

I deserve a second chance you know

Will you offer me a chance for change?


My name is Rahab

I have learnt my lessons in life

I want a change of profession

Will you help me take off the label?

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