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I choose to walk away

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I choose to walk away

Away from the past, its hurts, pains and shame

I choose to walk away from the choices I made in the past

Choices that seemed so logical and beneficial

I opt for change, the willingness to embrace the future I do not yet see

I choose to part with my own understanding, the one that let me into that mess

I will depart from myself, the self that I trusted but got disappointed.

I’ve discovered a new me, a me that so pleases me

And I won’t let anything take that away from me.



“Because of my son”

They’ve been times I almost gave up.

There are times I feel like throwing in the towel.

Very often I’ve wanted to do something really stupid…

But then I thought of how it will affect my son,

How he will live to suffer the effect…

Then I decided to choose the better option,

Even if it was the most difficult.

That is how God deals with us…

Because of His son He forgives you even when He shouldn’t,

He answers your prayers when you don’t deserve it,

He forgives you when you mess up,

He promises great things for you that you can not pay for


What will you give to God this season BECAUSE OF HIS SON?

Give Him your whole heart, your worship and trust.

That’s the least you can do BECAUSE OF HIS SON.


Life is like a coin with two faces on it. You choose the side that will influence your existence. It is a decision you must take or else circumstances, people and events will do so for you. Choose the bright side of life.

  • Choose to celebrate your gifts and talents rather than lament because of your weakness.
  • Trust that God loves you more than the devil hates you.
  • Live in hope rather than despair and hopelessness.
  • Appreciate the good people do to you and choose to minimize and ignore the hurt they cause you.
  • See your past errors and mistakes as lessons to learn from and not condemnation to live with.
  • See every challenge as an opportunity to exercise your gifts and talents.
  • See God as a loving father and not a wicked task master.
  • Choose to see life from the right perspective.

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