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“Because of my son”

They’ve been times I almost gave up.

There are times I feel like throwing in the towel.

Very often I’ve wanted to do something really stupid…

But then I thought of how it will affect my son,

How he will live to suffer the effect…

Then I decided to choose the better option,

Even if it was the most difficult.

That is how God deals with us…

Because of His son He forgives you even when He shouldn’t,

He answers your prayers when you don’t deserve it,

He forgives you when you mess up,

He promises great things for you that you can not pay for


What will you give to God this season BECAUSE OF HIS SON?

Give Him your whole heart, your worship and trust.

That’s the least you can do BECAUSE OF HIS SON.

Bring it out and deal with it…

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What’s hidden beneath your dress?

Bring it out and deal with it.

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What’s that mask you’re wearing just now?

Pull it off and deal with it.

The monster you don’t confront

You can’t defeat.

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