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The hardest part of Christianity: Living the crucified life

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If I’m sharing this, it’s not because I’ve crossed the finished line and can now turn around and mentor those who are still behind. I still have my own struggles in this area; but as I learn, I share to bless others.

What does it mean to live the crucified life?

  • Putting God first in everything I do. Not seeking my own pleasure first, but seeking to please Him first.
  • Always seeking to know what He desires and wants me to do in each situation.
  • Willingness to suffer rejection, humiliation, persecution and pain for His sake.
  • The willingness to accept His will even at my own inconvenience.
  • Acceptance that my own wishes, desires, will and pleasure are valid only if He validates them.
  • Refusal to take the glory for any victory won, but giving all the glory to Him.
  • The ability to say “Thy will be done”, from the very bottom of my heart.

Folks, this is the hardest part of Christianity and those who have attained to it receive of His spirit without measure.

May the Lord Himself help us to attain to such full stature so that we can indeed be His ambassadors on the earth.



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Hello there my dear reader. It’s been one year since I started on the bloggers’ journey. It’s been exciting, rewarding and really full of lessons for me. I hope I have been a blessing to you too.

I just want to thank you for your love. I cherish every moment I have spent with you. I cherish every click, like, comment and follow. In fact each of your loving gestures have been a great encouragement to me.

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On this journey I have had a deeper understanding of myself, the world and people. I have learned that the human experience is the same everywhere. That we face the same challenges and seek the same solutions.

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I have this message for you as you strive to end this year in beauty and splendor. You are a special person on planet earth. You are not here by chance. You have a purpose and an assignment. You are here to impact your generation. You are a blessing to many. A lot of people count on you. Take that first step and you will soon go places.

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Your Father owns it.

You are an heir to this abundance.

You are an heir to this abundance.

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