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When my errors past and present
Stare so keenly in my face
When all I’ve done and sadly so
Comes back to me in floods of memory
What do I do, where do I hide?

When fingers accusing point and blame
Eyelids peeled and eyeballs bright
Mouths ajar demanding to know
Questions to ponder, questions to answer
What do I say, where do I hide?

With trembling lip and shaky hand
I dare not look at them in the face
Will they see my tears of shame?
Who will know how deeply I regret
How do I tell it, where do I hide?

I never meant such evil to do
To live and love and be happy always
That is what I ever dreamed to be
But then, I fell and I fell again
And now I’m bruised and battered from the fall.

Judge me not so severely sister
Leave a space for mercy you know
I might be bold and strong and steady
But deep within I’m just a little girl
Searching for answers, still searching for answers.


Life is like a coin with two faces on it. You choose the side that will influence your existence. It is a decision you must take or else circumstances, people and events will do so for you. Choose the bright side of life.

  • Choose to celebrate your gifts and talents rather than lament because of your weakness.
  • Trust that God loves you more than the devil hates you.
  • Live in hope rather than despair and hopelessness.
  • Appreciate the good people do to you and choose to minimize and ignore the hurt they cause you.
  • See your past errors and mistakes as lessons to learn from and not condemnation to live with.
  • See every challenge as an opportunity to exercise your gifts and talents.
  • See God as a loving father and not a wicked task master.
  • Choose to see life from the right perspective.

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