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My Easter fever

It’s a season for me to reflect,

To look back and reflect on the distance we have covered together,

Since that day You took me by the hand

And showed me there is more to life than pain and shame.

Gentle Lord and Savior,

I’m so blessed to be yours, and for ever,

I pledge my eternal allegiance and loyalty,

My love and submission to your will.

But there will be days when it seems hard to take the narrow road,

Yet you have promised never to leave me nor forsake me,

With this promise I look to future with hope,

For faithful are You to bring me home save to you.



Days I kick out of bed

Full of energy and some more to spare

Days I retreat into my sheets

Wishing I were never born at all

Days I give out smiles and ask to give

Days I need a smile and ask for more

Days I stare forlorn into the distance

Wishing for a sign to cling to

Days I look into the future

With lots of hope and dreams to hold

Days come and days go

Hopes deferred and Hopes fulfilled

Life goes on and I stay on

What the end will be I know not

But I trust He knows, and for that I rest.

Love, the mature way

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I will borrow a thought from one of my favorite French writers,

Antoin de Saint-Exupery. He said, to love is not just looking at each other

but looking together in the same direction. I think this is the mature kind

of love. It’s not just about looking at each other in the eyes, kissing and exchanging smiles.

It is the ability to face life together; to overcome obstacles together and still be in love.

It is when we share common hopes, dreams and objectives.

If we do not love this way, we will find ourselves sooner or later

pulling each other in opposite directions.

Are you in love now? Are you looking at each other all the time

or do you look together in the same direction? Do you agree on the most essential issues

of your life?

Think about this.

“Goodbye my beloved”

With eyes full of tears

I stare into the distance

Wondering how this could be,

I search in his eyes for a glimmer of hope.

But all I see is darkness and void

I look for a string onto which I can hold

There is none, ‘cause it was never meant to be.

Then I resign myself to the fate that is

And with a sign that spells my deepest anguish

I look into his eyes and dare say

“Goodbye my friend, my beloved,

You belong to the past I long to forget,

There is no place for you in my future”.


Just as you are…

Just as you are

When you are busy planning the future, you will not have time to regret the past or be depressed about the present.

The past is one monster that will not retreat just because you decided not to face it.

When you can’t face your past, you have not been healed from it.

When you come to God, do not try to hide your true feelings and reality from Him. He already knows what you are trying to hide.

come to Him without your masks and make-up. He loves you all the same.

God is that gentleman who takes His lady out for a date night without bothering about her make-up or non.


I am a testimony

A testimony that God can save from the mud

A testimony that God can soil his hands to save a child

A testimony that the blood of Jesus can wash all filth.


I am a testimony

A testimony that a rejected stone can become the chief corner stone

A testimony that God sees not as man sees

A testimony that from the mud, we can bring out gold.


I am a testimony

A testimony that God confounds the wise

A testimony that soiled garments can regain their splendor

A testimony that you can dream big, even at the bottom of the pit


My past is buried

My future won’t tarry


I am who God says I am

I am what I am by the Grace of God

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