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Be there for me

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If you cannot stand by me when I go through the fiery trials,

Then you are not qualified to partake of the glory

That will be mine in the future.

I need you to face the storm with me,

That will become the basis of a solid relationship with you,

Whenever we think of what we have been through together,

We will be able to face even greater storms together.

And we will celebrate our victories with relish.

Stand by me, be there for me.

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Greater is the glory (2 Corinthians 4:17)

If the affliction is this heavy, and God says the glory will even be heavier, then that glory must be very great and heavy indeed.

I earnestly look forward to it.

I refuse to die in this wilderness.

I must get to Canaan, by His grace.

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Lay your Isaac on the altar and leave him there

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We all want God to do great things in our lives. We want Him to use us mightily.

We want to be carriers and transmitters of the presence, power and glory of God.

But there is one great condition that must be fulfilled. We must lay down our all.

We must let Him empty us of all, strip us of us, then He can trust us enough to put AK47s in our hands.

Have you put Isaac on the altar? Have you left him there or you are about to take him back home because you do not trust your God enough to entrust your life into His hands?

I’m a billboard

I was not born to show his face

His shame and pain and wicked ways

I do not live to show case his evil

I refuse to be a billboard for the devil

Someone cares.

I was born to show forth His praises

His name and gain and tender mercies

I do live to make known His glory

Look at me, you’ll see a testimony.

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