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We have this treasure in earthen vessels. 2 Corinthians 4:7

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We all carry gold within.

We all are full of great treasure inside

But it is all covered in dross, in rust and dust

And when we finally discover what we carry within

We will not rest until we bring it out

We will willingly bear the refiner’s fire

For we know what beauty will show and glow

Once the refiner’s job is done.


I am a testimony

A testimony that God can save from the mud

A testimony that God can soil his hands to save a child

A testimony that the blood of Jesus can wash all filth.


I am a testimony

A testimony that a rejected stone can become the chief corner stone

A testimony that God sees not as man sees

A testimony that from the mud, we can bring out gold.


I am a testimony

A testimony that God confounds the wise

A testimony that soiled garments can regain their splendor

A testimony that you can dream big, even at the bottom of the pit


My past is buried

My future won’t tarry


I am who God says I am

I am what I am by the Grace of God

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