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It takes courage and much more…

When you’ve been abused, mistreated, used and dumped

It takes courage, the willingness to forgive

And the desire to live again

To give out your heart another time.

That’s why we must never exert pressure on people

To open up their hearts to us.

We deserve openness and genuineness in every relationship

But we must give people the time to change,

To heal and to willingly open up again.

Trying to force it out of them can be counter  productive

NO matter how much you love them and want to be with them

Just be gentle enough to let them loosen up naturally and at a  pace

That is comfortable for them.

They may really be in love,

But still needing time to get on the rails

Do not be impatient when they seem reticent

Let the rose unfold naturally.

Love and Blessing, Gretiana


Live for God

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If you live for  eternity you will die with serenity.

What are you thinking about, now?

Featured imageThe kind of life you live could be a result of the quality of your thoughts..


There is no human being on the surface of the earth who came here by accident. Each and every one of us is a well-thought out and carefully planned piece of God’s creation. This may seem very untrue to an individual whose daily life is a struggle for survival. For those who have lost hope because of the circumstances of life and for those whose lives are full of pain, this is a very remote possibility.

However, divine truth has nothing to do with what we feel or what we choose to believe. God’s promises and true and what He says He can do, He does. The Bible reminds us that we are to live by faith and not by sight. This means that no matter what our senses are telling us, no matter what our present circumstances are forcing us to believe, we must willfully decide to stand by faith on what God is telling us.

Do you believe that although your life seems so useless and uneventful, that God desires a glorious and victorious existence for you? Do you know that there is a divine assignment that you alone can fulfill? Do you know that many destinies depend on you fulfilling your God-given purpose? We are all born to influence and impact each others’ lives through the gifts and talents in us. There is a good reason why God has permitted you to continue living in spite of all you are going through. He has a plan for you and if you will just look up to Him, He will reveal to you the glorious life you are meant to live.

You may be depressed right now, discouraged and suicidal. You may be thinking of taking an overdose to end your life or even to jump into a lake to end it all. Remember, Your creator has not said the final word yet. You   want to kill yourself because you are believing the devil’s lies. He told you you can never make it, that you are good for nothing and that no one loves you or cares about you. Lies, all lies. Remember the devil is the father of lies and all he knows is lies. He lied to Adam and Eve and got them into a mess. He wants to get you into a mess too. Refuse to let Him take the breath out of you.

Even if your life has been nothing but pain, hold on. Your very story and how you have survived till now can heal, deliver and rescue another hopeless case. You have a purpose, there is a reason for your existence on earth. You are not failure until you decide to quit and pull out a white flag. Give God a chance, call on Him and He will show you great and might things that you know not; marvelous things He has kept for those that look up to Him.

My friend, you are here for a purpose. Refuse to quit until that purpose is fulfilled. Only then will you have fulfillment and also help others to find joy because their joy depends on you discovering God and what He has in store for you.

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