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For Christ’s sake only (2 Corinthians 12:10).

After talking about the weakness he’s made to endure, after showing how he takes pleasure in weaknesses, reproaches, persecutions and distresses, Apostle Paul says something that really becomes an eye opener for me.

“For Christ’s sake.”

The only reason he will take the shame, the pain and the rain is for Christ’s sake. If it is not for Christ’s sake he won’t take it.

If we Christian people aren’t careful we could accept anything, anyhow, anywhere and from anybody with “joy and gladness” thinking we are being very spiritual.

The only reason that authorizes you to endure suffering is for Christ’s sake. If it’s not for that reason, get out of there.

If it’s not for the name of God to be glorified, if it’s not for the gospel to reach the uttermost parts, if it’s not to help a brother/sister in distress, get out of there.


Change does not always bring change until you decide to change

These thoughts are based strictly on my own experiences and what I’ve observed in our society today.

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Prison does not take away criminality. It is the decision we take while in prison that will change us.

Having kids will not make me love children. If I love them first I will love them better when I  get in there.

Getting married does not make us mature and responsible. It could become an avenue for us to prove our immaturity and irresponsibility.

Changing the man at the top won’t solve the bankruptcy unless you understand what caused it in the first place.

Marriage can’t heal me from lust, frivolousness and unfaithfulness or porn. I must decide to “deal with it”.

Getting a new partner won’t heal the old wounds. I better get healed before I make Peter pay for what Paul did.

Cutting a tree at the trunk won’t kill it. Get to the roots, roll your sleeves and dig.

I hope I didn’t mess up your case. This post is addressed to me too, you know.

We have this treasure in earthen vessels (2 Corinthians 4 verse 7)

This verse by the Apostle Paul is one of my favorites. We are created with a lot of potential inside us because our God is rich in gifts and does not hesitate to bestow them on us. We all carry treasure inside in the form of talent, gifts and the capacity for creativity and innovation.

However, we carry all of this in an earthen vessel, our physical body with its weaknesses and frailties. Our gifts and talents should not lead us to overlook the fact that we are humans. we are not to focus on our weaknesses, since with God we can overcome them and do exploits. But at the same time we should not feel embarrassed when our weaknesses manifest. we are not to  wear masks to hide them else we become unnatural, pretentious and conceited.

Feel free to talk about your weaknesses without using them as an excuse to stay mediocre, to sin or hurt people. Do not try to impress people or even God. God knows you got them (Psalms 103 verse 14). He even put some there as a check against pride and too high an opinion about yourself.

Do not parade your weaknesses as an excuse to remain little but also, do not give the impression that you are perfect. Focus on your strength but acknowledge your Achilles’s heal. Have a balanced perspective on yourself.

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