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When is it safe to say “Yes”?

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In one of my recent posts I argued that it is wise to be able to say “No” sometimes. In this post I want to examine some of the conditions that could inspire a “yes”.

It’s important to say “No”, but it’s even more important to know when to say “yes” so that we don’t miss out on important opportunities in life.

Say yes when:

  • You’ve prayed about the issue at hand and you have peace about it.

You don’t feel any resistance; like your head is saying one thing and your heart is saying another.

  • You know it’s the will of God and the timing is correct.

It could be something He promised you, but be sure about the timing.

  • It’s not against your faith-based convictions;

You don’t want to spoil your intimacy with God, if you are a Christian.

  • It’s beneficial for someone or some people in need at that moment.

It could be unwise to get on your knees to ask God’s permission when you’re needed to save a soul in danger. You rather ask for His guidance.

  • You are not out to impress someone or to prove yourself to someone.

If you don’t get the desired applause in the end you could easily sink into depression.

  • You know that’s what you need at the moment;

a party, a change of environment, a change of job, a new relationship etc. This also means you are ready for it, physically, emotionally… Otherwise you could give a “no” or “wait”.

Don’t take important decisions when under pressure.

  • It’s safe for you, your entourage, and the world at large.

We must not be selfish when we make decisions. And we should care for ourselves because “when we hurt, others hurt with us”.

  • The decision does not go contrary to your purpose and objectives in life. You don’t want to get pregnant just before you get enrolled in College (for a single young lady).

This list is in no way exhaustive, but only indicative.

“On your marks, get set, YES.



When God does “dumb” things, grace is at work: part 3


I came from a background where I had to earn it all through hard work and good works.

Receiving God’s unmerited favor was quite an issue for me. I didn’t understand why God should just give me things, do things for me or pardon my folly without me having to do something to earn it. I always wanted to do something in return. Then one day God got tired of my wrong mindset and came up with a strategy just for me.

He let me mess up so badly and so many times that I thought “woe is me, I’m undone…I’m no good. I’m an embarrassment to you Lord; kill me so that I don’t bring more shame on you…”

I was kneeling there like a condemned criminal waiting for my sentencing. You know what? I instead heard that song “When peace like a river attendeth my soul…it is well, it is well with my soul.”

You will ask me, does God condone sin then? No! His grace is bigger than His anger.

God will suspend one of the laws for a season, for a reason and for a person so that a bigger purpose can be achieved. That does not make Him unrighteous. It makes Him sovereign and very merciful.



May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ fill your heart

and keep you from the constant rain of negative news

Someone cares.

Someone cares.


Isaiah 53:4-5 is one of the most famous in the Old Testament because it is a prophecy about what we, under the new covenant are enjoying today. It is a graphical presentation of the finished work of Christ on the cross of Calvary that purchased our salvation and any other blessing we will ever need in the God. Today, it is very easy to ask God for a car, a house, healing, deliverance and all kinds blessing. Someone even told you salvation is free. Yes indeed! It is free and so because someone paid a bitter price for it to be free. Salvation was not easy when My Jesus was slapped, beaten, spat at and flagellated. It wasn’t free when He carried that cross like a criminal, falling and getting up, mocked and humiliated by those for whom He was carrying that cross. He was considered stricken by God, smitten by him and afflicted. Many concluded that His God has forsaken Him. But all this while, He was bruised for your iniquity, crushed for your transgression. He was chastised for your peace and with His stripes you can claim your healing today. Had you been there at the time, would you have treated Jesus differently? Would you have joined the chorus to mock, jeer and spit? I cannot guarantee you that I would have been different had I been there. I cry when I think of it all. I consider myself one of those mockers who are now benefiting from the results of the action I so much mocked. I can now come into God’s presence with numerous petitions because someone accepted to carry His cross.

Lord Jesus, forgive me for nailing you to the cross and coming back later to eat the fruits thereof. You gave me a chance to live again; I consecrate this life to you. I offer myself to you as a living sacrifice, a sweet smelling aroma pleasing and precious in your sight. Take me and use me as you will. Amen.

On treasure Island

Serving God is like finding a treasure. You go through thick and thin, over mountains and down valleys. People doubt, people misunderstand, some laugh and still others mock. They can’t see what keeps you in such passion. What keeps you going is the hope and assurance that someday, some how, somewhere, you will find the treasure and you will then live happily ever after.  In the end, like Apostle Paul, you will say “I have fought a good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give me at that day; and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing (2Timothy 4:7-8).”

There is peace, joy and a sense of fulfilment to be enjoyed when our lives please God, and then we await His return with no fear or apprehension because we already know our final destination; in the arms of our Lord Jesus.



What kind of prayer are you used to? When you think of prayer what comes to your mind? Is it worship, warfare or weeping? The kind of prayer you are versed with is a reflection of the kind of relationship you have with God and your level of maturity. It reflects your intimacy with Him. The Bible says that God inhabits the praises of His people. When you are in the business of binding, casting, and breaking, the best God can do for you is to send you assistance to help you out. He then turns His attention to those who in their deep desire for intimacy with their Daddy have taken a time out with Him to express their love in acts of worship.

“Lord, show me your glory, I want to see you face, I am hungry for you, I need to feel your arms around me, and I am dying for a touch of love…”

No lover will remain indifferent to such a deep expression of love. Asking things from God and binding devils does not draw God any closer to you. It draws His power, not His presence.

The next time you are feeling lonely, the next time you feel God is very far from you, you now know what to do. Invite you loving Daddy out for a walk.


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