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Break Free

What will you do if you found out that the person who helped you get a break in life has become jealous and bitter because of your success? Such people can lead you to a sense of guilt and a false sense of responsibility. They give the impression that everything you own is somehow theirs because “they helped you get it.” Every time you spend a dollar on yourself, you feel guilty as if you were spending their money.

You feel obliged to take care of their every whim and to be always at their beck and call. They really make life miserable for you.

Don’t get me wrong, we are supposed to show gratitude and love to those who have been so good to us in the past.God demands it and it is good moral behavior. But if all my life  I have to deal with someone who is breathing down the back of my neck and telling me how to spend every dime I earn, it becomes a problem.

Nobody can take credit for what you have become in life. You are where you are today because God blessed you and crowned their own effort in your life with success. There is joy in the fact that you invested in someone and they succeeded. We do not need to wish we were in their shoes or be bitter because they have become what we did not imagine.

If you are currently wilting under such a situation, be courageous enough to tell the person in question the truth. They should allow you to show gratitude to them without  putting pressure on you. They should not think they have to push you around just because they gave you some money “ten years ago.” Refuse to live under servitude because you once had a benefactor, ” God is the ultimate benefactor.” God Himself has never subjected anyone to slavery just because His Son died on the cross for them.

Feel free to say no and don’t live the rest of your life miserably, afraid to enjoy yourself because you once accepted help from somebody. Do not carry along a false sense of responsibility towards people who have become lazy because they know they can manipulate you to get what they want. Be free in Jesus name.

Get rid of bitterness

Bitterness is the greatest poison one can ever swallow. It makes you mean, ungrateful and miserable. You hate, despise and harbor anger even against people who want but to love you. It blinds you to the love and care others show you. It makes you selfish with self – pity and the desire to be pitied. You refuse to be happy and you hate to see others happy. But when you finally realize how you have maltreated and messed up your love ones, you feel so ashamed of yourself.

Bitterness hinders us from seeing God’s love and concern for our situation. How then can you share God’s love if you can’t accept and appreciate it? Bitterness opens doors for the devil to come in and afflict you. It also closes the door of grace and favor against you. It makes you too critical and judgmental, never letting you give the benefit of doubt (Grace) to people’s actions. You just think that everybody wants to hurt you. You actually become paranoid. Flee bitterness, it poisons the soul.


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