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My Easter fever

It’s a season for me to reflect,

To look back and reflect on the distance we have covered together,

Since that day You took me by the hand

And showed me there is more to life than pain and shame.

Gentle Lord and Savior,

I’m so blessed to be yours, and for ever,

I pledge my eternal allegiance and loyalty,

My love and submission to your will.

But there will be days when it seems hard to take the narrow road,

Yet you have promised never to leave me nor forsake me,

With this promise I look to future with hope,

For faithful are You to bring me home save to you.


For Christ’s sake only (2 Corinthians 12:10).

After talking about the weakness he’s made to endure, after showing how he takes pleasure in weaknesses, reproaches, persecutions and distresses, Apostle Paul says something that really becomes an eye opener for me.

“For Christ’s sake.”

The only reason he will take the shame, the pain and the rain is for Christ’s sake. If it is not for Christ’s sake he won’t take it.

If we Christian people aren’t careful we could accept anything, anyhow, anywhere and from anybody with “joy and gladness” thinking we are being very spiritual.

The only reason that authorizes you to endure suffering is for Christ’s sake. If it’s not for that reason, get out of there.

If it’s not for the name of God to be glorified, if it’s not for the gospel to reach the uttermost parts, if it’s not to help a brother/sister in distress, get out of there.


Happy in spite of me

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Happiness is not the absence of trouble

but the ability to smile in spite of it all

because we know God is in control

and the out come will always be glorious

for those who trust in Him shall not be put to shame.

When God does “dumb” things, grace is at work : Part 2


Say you do something really dumb, terrible and repugnant. Then you quickly retreat into your bedroom, fall on your knees and start imploring God’s mercy and forgiveness. But all this while you are actually begging Him not to release the thunder bolt and hailstones He’s preparing to rain down on you. You are trembling with fear, shame and guilt and you can’t look God in the face. You cry out in despair “Kill me Lord, I’m not worthy…I’m no good.”

While you are still kneeling there and waiting for the verdict you hear a sound somewhere deep within your spirit “…It is well, it is well with my soul…”

You quickly rebuke yourself for being so “stupid”. How can I be singing such a song when I’m supposed to hang myself for what I just did? You even apologize to God for such a bad conduct. Yet that song won’t go away. You feel like a miserable criminal awaiting a life sentence but your spirit is singing another song.

That is grace. Pure and unadulterated. Will you receive it?

I used to fight that gentle voice with every ounce of energy in me. Imagine I’m overtaken by fear and then I hear my spirit singing “fear not…” I’m feeling really guilty and then all I hear is “it is well with my soul…” I’m dead worried about paying the bills, then all I hear is “all things are possible to those who believe”.

Then one day I realized I have been fighting against God’s grace. That “contrary” song welling up from within me is God’s message of grace to me in that situation. I don’t need to feel like that song before I can accept, believe and sing it. I just ignore my emotions and start to sing it out loud.

Grace does not condemn. It encourages us to say “yes” to God’s love.


Do you dread speaking out about some of the things that have happened to you? You do not need to carry that secret load alone all your life. These are some of the fears that keep people in their dark silent prison for years.

  1. Perhaps God is already angry with me and if I go ahead to talk about it He will reject me.

Jesus came for the lost, the last and the least (Matthew 9:12). God did not wait for you to be worthy before He sent Jesus to die for you.

  1. If I told somebody, they will laugh at me for having been so dumb and stupid.

The fact is every body has done dumb things at least once in life and the person laughing at you may be having their own skeletons in the cupboard.

Jesus came for the lost, the last and the least (Matthew 9:12). God loves you even when you are still in your mess (Romans 5:8).

  1. I might be rejected by my family and friends

Well, anyone who will not accept your past is not qualified to access your future. God is taking you somewhere; do not let that ancient load hold you back.

  1. I do not want to think about it.

The ostrich option has never worked for any one. The monster you face is the monster you will overcome. Look at that thing in the face and tell it “I am too anointed to keep running away from you. I hail from the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

  1. I don’t want to lose my hard-earned reputation.

You better speak out with the right perspective before someone tells your story for you with a distorted view. Lasting reputation comes from God and He gives it without consulting the ancient file. I have worn masked in my life and I tell you they are not comfortable at all.

  1. I will be stigmatized and ostracized by my community etc.

Yes, I do not make light of that fact. It can be hard. But sometimes we just have to choose to be the pioneer and face the consequences. By speaking out, you are giving a voice to thousands of others in your generation and the generations to come.

But this is the advice I can give. If you want to share and you are not sure you have had the emotional healing you need, you will have to carefully choose the person you share with. It could help to share with mature and responsible people, God-fearing people who can handle your situation responsibly. This is because if you are still hurting and you go share with people who will want to use it to hurt you the more, it could really make the wounds more painful. Those who are already healed will not mind what anybody does with that information because when Jesus heals you He immunizes you against further hurts.

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