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You are not single

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You are not single.

You are married to Jesus

One day He will lend you out for a season

To the man who dares present such a request

A faithful steward who will keep you in good shape

And present you to your husband when He comes to take you home

And if your Husband chooses to keep you jealously to Himself

Shout for joy for you are even dearer to His heart, most precious in His sight

And He knows you’ll never find a better husband than the one He is to you.

God has enough for all of us

Verse 5 of Psalms 23 is very much quoted but very little understood or applied. Yes, God has prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies. Imagine the quality and quantity you can find on a table that has been set by God Himself. So, the problem is no longer whether we have enough to eat but whether we are willing to eat enough. The problem of Christians is therefore never how much God can provide, but how much Christians can receive. What is your receiving capacity?

Ever been to a party where there is so much to eat, but wanting to be civilized, you pick up a piece of salad and return to your seat? Then you get so frustrated and jealous of your neighbor who is having a nice time because he was courageous and bold enough to take as much as he desires. This is the attitude of many Christians. Some think that abundance will make them proud, sinful and then they will miss heaven. “… did Jesus not say it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter heaven?”

If it takes poverty to keep you humble, holy and righteous and ultimately make heaven, then you are missing out on something . As a born again child of God, you should be able to manage millions in your bank account and still be in a good spiritual shape before God. You should be able to dress like a prince and be humble at heart like a beggar; it is not what you have that should control you but the other way round. Your money does not tell you where to go shopping and when, you decide how to go about it. While we quote Solomon as a case study of failure to be rich and remain righteous, remember Abraham and Isaac who remained level–headed in spite of if all.

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