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“Lord, this is not what I asked for”.

I asked for a neat and orderly man;

You just gave me an untidy one who scatters where I gather.

Yes my daughter, that’s why you grew up amidst five male siblings;

I’ve been grooming you for this very thing.

I asked for a slim girl with no spot on the skin;

You just gave me a fat and spotted leopard.

Ooh, indeed my little boy;

Why do you think I gave you all that money?

Spend some on her and you’ll get your desired result.

My blessing may come in a package you do not desire

But always remember, beneath lies your desire.

Beneath the dress

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Do not be deceived by my look

Many issues are hidden beneath my dress

Do not be deceived by my laugh

So many tears are concealed therein

Do not judge me by my skin

I’m struggling to hide a myriad of scars.

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