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There is always a Jethro in your wilderness

The night is too dark; the sun is extremely hot; the pain is excruciating; the loneliness is unbearable. Lord, where are you? Didn’t you tell me You love me and that You will supply all of my needs according to Your riches in glory? What is happening to me now? What will I tell my girlfriend Monday morning? That my God, for some reason has dumped me?

Ever been there? Yes. I bet you have. We have all gone through situations which made us to begin to doubt God and jabber. We begin to wonder whether we had done well to trust Him.

I can tell you that many a times I have had to repent of my jabbering when I finally realize how stupid it was for me to doubt God. Our God will turn nasty things into creative miracles. Over and over He has given me fresh water in the wilderness at a time I thought “It’s over. I’m undone.” Then I have had to look back and say, “O Lord, how could I have ever doubted you?”

The encounter between Moses and the priest of Midian is recorded in Exodus chapter 2. Moses had taken on himself to save the Jews at a time when God had not yet prepared or anointed him for that task. He ended up killing an Egyptian and then fled to the wilderness to hide from Pharaoh’s wrath. There he met Jethro who lodged him, fed him and employed him. Moses later married his daughter. That was great comfort wasn’t it?

This story came back to me powerfully the other day because of something that happened to me. I was completely broke, but I was expecting some money from someone who owed me a fair sum. In fact my situation was so stark that I had to trek for about three kilometers just to collect the said money. It was very sunny and hot; it was uncomfortable to say the least.

But then, God showed up. He did not send someone to pick me up in his car. He did not provide me the money for transportation. He decided to give me a good chunk of inspiration as I walked the streets. I just kept getting powerful thought that required me writing them on pieces of paper. Good enough I always move around with writing material because I usually receive inspiration sometimes in the most unlikely places.
On this journey, I kept stopping at people’s verandas, doorsteps and car boots to write down inspired thoughts that came to my mind. Before I knew it I wasn’t feeling the heat any longer. I was keener on getting the next revelation and inspiration. The proof of it is this article you are reading now.
At the end of the journey I found myself thanking God for inspiration rather than complaining about poverty or the extreme heat.
I don’t know what kind of heat you are dealing with now. Is it poverty, loneliness, divorce, disease, persecution…? I can assure you that if you will just take time off to search in that wilderness you will discover some gold hidden in the mud.

Allow your loneliness to draw you closer to God.

If someone divorced you, remind yourself that you were surviving on your own before they came along any way.

Let that disease cause you to get a revelation of God as the great healer.

When you are persecuted for your faith or for defending the truth, comfort yourself with these thoughts, “God Himself was, and is still being persecuted on a daily basis.”

I have learned to always expect something good in the worst of situations. Put God to the test and He will confirm His covenant with you. “For He has said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5b).
Whenever I find myself in a challenging situation, my first reaction is to ask God to show me what He is doing in my life. When He chooses to be silent, it could be an indication that He wants me to get closer to Him and just sit there and savor His presence.

I know I am a child of God, His Majesty’s darling daughter. He will never allow me go through pain for no good reason. That is why I’m not ashamed to ask Him to help me see the rose that is hidden behind the thorns. My God is not like Shakespeare’s gods. “As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport” (King Lear).

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