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I may not see as the eye will do
I may be unable to hear as the ear does so well
I can’t touch and feel like you the hand
But I can speak because I am a mouth.

O brain, you do so great a job
Thinking and planning and scheduling it right
I thank you for playing your part so well
But I am the mouth and I can speak.

Did you see that foot that just hurried by
Leaping and skipping to save a soul
When he gets to destination he’ll turn and say
You are the mouth, you should speak.

So the Lord had ordained it so
That none should think they’re self-sufficient
But as a body full and complete
We will work until He takes us home.

When we first met


It was a dark day from the start

I walked down the winding street

Little knew I where I was headed

All I know, I needed a change.

It was a long and painful journey

Weary and worn and weak I was

Thirsting and hungering from my long long search

For peace and joy and who knows what.

It was a great encounter

A man I once heard could help my lot

Though I thought him cruel and crooked

Like many a man I’ve met in my life.

                                       They say He is a lowly Carpenter

But I find Him too gentle of touch to be

They say He came from little Nazareth

But I think Him too great there to belong

For all I know, He wiped my tears away

And washed me clean of all my slime

He made me think I ought to live

To make His mercies known to all

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