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I am a testimony

A testimony that God can save from the mud

A testimony that God can soil his hands to save a child

A testimony that the blood of Jesus can wash all filth.


I am a testimony

A testimony that a rejected stone can become the chief corner stone

A testimony that God sees not as man sees

A testimony that from the mud, we can bring out gold.


I am a testimony

A testimony that God confounds the wise

A testimony that soiled garments can regain their splendor

A testimony that you can dream big, even at the bottom of the pit


My past is buried

My future won’t tarry


I am who God says I am

I am what I am by the Grace of God

“I GO”



I go, I go away.

I go away from here,

I go away from here to a far off land.

A land where love conquers hate,

A land where compassion overcomes satire,

A land where goodness drives away rejection.

I go where people can see beyond,

See beyond my frailties and follies,

See beyond my limits and mistakes.

Where a brother will soil his hands,

Soil his hands to wash off the mud,

Wash off the mud on me

And see the treasure that is within.

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