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Free to be you

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Never downgrade yourself in order to be accepted in lower circles,

Keep soaring.

Those who need you will upgrade themselves to your level

Then they will join your club.

Remember, many look up to you for inspiration and leadership.

Do not disappoint them because you want to please people who have refused to grow up.

You may stoop down to bring them up,

But never stoop too low as to become one of them.

The world needs the big you, the courageous you, the brave you.

Stoop to conquer.

To hold on or to let go?

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Life is made of seasons. Some seasons require that we let go while other seasons need a holding on.

If you hold on when you are supposed to let go, you are in trouble; and if you let go when you are expected to keep holding on, you are in as much trouble.

Now you ask me, when do I know it’s time to hold on or to let go? Good question.

For this we need discernment. Ask of God and He will give you of this spirit abundantly and free of charge.

In addition to this we need wisdom; not the wisdom of this world that comes to nothing but divine wisdom that leads to sure victory. “Is it wise for me to hold on or to let go in this situation?”

Furthermore you need to know your bigger purpose in life. “Does letting go, or holding on, fit into the bigger purpose, vision, plan for my life?”

For all of these to work together for your good you need faith, the kind of unshakable faith that defies all odds. You must have self-confidence and the right kind of self-esteem so that you don’t get tossed from one opinion to another by public opinion.

There will be times in your life wherein the whole world (including your spouse, father, pastor, child etc) is against you. At the same time, the Spirit of God, and your deepest conviction are saying the contrary. What will you do in this case? Give in to the pressure?

There is a time to hold on and a time to let go. May you never hold on to dry branches, and may you never let go of God-given opportunities.

Discern, be wise, be purposeful, then take a stand and be ready to defend it with your faith.

To hold on or to let go?


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Hello there my dear reader. It’s been one year since I started on the bloggers’ journey. It’s been exciting, rewarding and really full of lessons for me. I hope I have been a blessing to you too.

I just want to thank you for your love. I cherish every moment I have spent with you. I cherish every click, like, comment and follow. In fact each of your loving gestures have been a great encouragement to me.

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On this journey I have had a deeper understanding of myself, the world and people. I have learned that the human experience is the same everywhere. That we face the same challenges and seek the same solutions.

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I have this message for you as you strive to end this year in beauty and splendor. You are a special person on planet earth. You are not here by chance. You have a purpose and an assignment. You are here to impact your generation. You are a blessing to many. A lot of people count on you. Take that first step and you will soon go places.

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When the time seems to stop
And the clock ticks but stays on the spot
When you feel like the world and all its troubles
Stand but on your own little shoulders
Do something, just do something.

Sit not still and wish for death
Do not lie down and call for the dark
Question not the essence of living
Just keep seeing, thinking, breathing
For when it is over, it is not yet over.

Do something, just do something
Go out there and run it off your muscles
Sit by the river and think it off your head
Meet a friend and talk it off your chest
Meet your Friend and pray it out of existence.

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